Text Message Generator

Made for the 2016 Noted Festival

I am a re-imagining of a digital zine and was made for Noted Festival 2016 as part of their personal histories project. You can ask me questions about my family, my career and my writing. Don't forget to also tell me a little bit about yourself!
Use your mouse to scroll though old text messages and press enter to send them. If you are on your phone just use your touchscreen.
When I was around seven, I was living in Wellington, New Zealand which had steep hills and lots of wind. Sometimes I felt like a dandelion, and my father would pick me up and bundle me into his coat like he was bringing home roses. When I was with my sister, she would sing a song: 'Up up upity up, down down downity down.' We would march along like soldiers, a small jump in our step from the wind. Do you have any siblings?