Digital poet, academic, writer, teacher.

Dr. Karen Lowry is a lecturer at SAE Institute in Perth where she teaches motion graphics and web design. She has a PhD in digital poetry from Curtin University and was the recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award and Curtin research scholarship. Karen co-directed the inaugural 2017 Literary Youth Festival in Perth, which was held as part of Propel Youth Arts' KickstART Festival. In 2012 and 2013, she coordinated the WA Poetry Festival for WA Poets Inc, also serving 2 years as co-chair. In 2017 she collaborated with author, David Wright, to create a digital interface for his novella Paige & Powe, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards. Karen was also a top 20 Finalist in the AMPlify Festival’s Bright Sparks PhD Pitching competition in 2015 and was highly commended in the 2013 Poetry d'Amour Love Poetry Competition for "Hinge".


Writing, web design, motion graphics, photography, arts management, public speaking, teaching


NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.JS, PHP, IOS and Android App Development, Agile Project Management, Facebook Developer, and Google API


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate and Dreamweaver


Pro Tools, Microsoft Office Suite, Unity 3D, GameMaker, UnReal Engine


Poetry, science fiction, speculative fiction, academic writing and journalism


"For me, the science fiction label belongs on books with things in them that we can't yet do... speculative fiction means a work that employs the means already to hand and that takes place on Planet Earth."

Margaret Atwood

The Black Swan Experiments (working title).

A woman is the only survivor of a nuclear attack on her city, and no one knows why. While she is mourning the loss of her family, friends, home and everything familiar, the government is trying to work out how she survived and how they can use her.

My first novel is a work in progress. I wrote the first draft for NaNoWriMo 2017 and am now in the process of editing it. Learn more about this journey on my blog.


"I think digital truly is the future of poetry. Most people get their news, entertainment and even jobs via digital devices, so it's only logical for poetry and art to do the same."

Jason Nelson during an interview with ABC News


"Well, write poetry, for God's sake, it's the only thing that matters.'"

e.e. cummings

Flat wine and Tequila. Snap Journal 2016.

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Hinge. In Haskell, D. (Ed.), Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love Poems for Valentine’s Day. Perth, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc. 2013. (Highly Commended)




Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love poems on Valentine’s Day

One of the difficult aspects of love to represent – in film, paint, dance, words or any other medium – is sexual experience, but “Hinge” by Karen Murphy does so in a mature way, working with detailed sexual movement and a grasping use of line breaks. The poem captures both female and male movement until the point of orgasm. The Key to success in such a poem lies in the detail and in getting the tone right; here there is no sensationalising or moralising, but the depiction of a human experience that seems simultaneously gentle and violent and entirely natural.


Social Media Gun for WA Poets Inc

Her work was raw, honest and deeply emotional, a three part insight into the creation of Lowry’s upcoming interactive digital poetry game.


Founder of Numbat Poetry Journal

Karen is a consistent student of poetry; her work shows shows a clear insight to the workings of the written word. Karen writes with energy and is not afraid of critic. She is always open to new approaches in the use of the English language. I believe she would be a benefit to other poets and/or students of the written word. I would recommend her any day, in any adventure.