Digital poet, academic and web designer

Dr. Karen Lowry is a lecturer at SAE Institute in Perth and SAE Online where she teaches screen design and web design. She has a PhD in digital poetry from Curtin University, completed in 2017, and was the recipient of the APA and Curtin research scholarships. Karen co-directed the inaugural 2017 Literary Youth Festival in Perth, Western Australia and, in 2012 and 2013, she coordinated the WA Poetry Festival for WA Poets Inc, serving 2 years as co-chair. In 2017 she collaborated with author, David Wright, to create a digital interface for his novella Paige & Powe, which has been shortlisted for the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards. Her major work, Chamberlain Street, will be launched at the Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium in September 2017.


NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.JS, PHP, IOS and Android App Development, Agile Project Management, Facebook Developer, and Google API


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate and Dreamweaver


Pro Tools, Microsoft Office Suite, Unity 3D, GameMaker, UnReal Engine


Poetry, short and long fiction fiction, academic writing and journalism


Event coordination, artist and venue liasion.




I co-directed the inaugural 2017 literary Youth Festival which WAs the first youth-led festival in Western Australia.


I Coordinated the overall strategic and long term planning of the WA Poetry Festival in partnership with the City of Perth Winter Arts Season in 2012 and 2013.


CRITICAL ANIMALS CREATIVE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM Chamberlain Street Launch Critical Suburbia(Newcastle 2017, September 30)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITER'S FESTIVAL reading: E-Reading(Newcastle 2017, September 28)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITER'S FESTIVAL reading: Multimedia Multi-Verse(Newcastle 2017, September 29)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITER'S FESTIVAL Panel Discussion: Games: Write, Play Repeat(Newcastle 2017, September 29)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITER'S FESTIVAL interactive event: Subbed In presents 'Please Laika Me'(Sydney City Library 2017, September 27)

LITERARY YOUTH FESTIVAL panel discussion: Lit. Laptops – Podcasting & Blogging 101(Perth 2017, April)

PERTH POETRY FESTIVAL online event Social Media Interactive Poetry(Perth 2016, August)

MARGARET RIVER READERS AND WRITERS FESTIVAL poetry reading: Performance Poet Karen Lowry reads and performs.(Margaret River 2016, June)

MARGARET RIVER READERS AND WRITERS FESTIVAL panel discussion: How has home influenced creativity?(Margaret River 2016, June)

YOU ARE HERE FESTIVAL panel discussion: “It’s In The Computer!”(Canberra 2016, April)

NOTED FESTIVAL digital zine project: Remixed Histories(Canberra 2016, March)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS FESTIVAL panel discussion: These events will not be televised. (Newcastle 2015, October)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS FESTIVAL digital showcase: Digital Forum and Showcase. (Newcastle 2015, October)

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS FESTIVAL Workshops: Making Digital Poetry. (Newcastle 2015, October)

VOICEBOX: Poetry Feature (Fibonacci Café: Fremantle 2015, August)

PARIS LIT UP: Poetry Feature (Culture Rapide: Paris 2015, July)

PIG HOG POETRY NIGHT: Poetry Feature (Redroaster Coffee House: Brighton, UK 2015, July).

TROUBADOUR POETS: Poetry Feature (Troubadour Café: London 2015, June)

AMP BRIGHT SPARKS PHD PITCHING COMPETITION: 150 second PhD Pitch. (The Basement: Sydney 2015, June)

WRIT POETRY AND MUSIC NIGHT: Poetry Feature (Paper Mountain: Perth 2015, May).

PERTH POETRY CLUB: Poetry Feature (Moon Cafe: Perth 2015, April).

SPOKEN WORD PERTH: Poetry Feature (The Hive: Perth 2015, April).



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Paige & Powe by David Thomas Henry Wright, digital interface by Karen Lowry, artwork by Julia Lane, shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards (2017).

Top 20 Finalist in the AMPlify Festival’s Bright Sparks PhD Pitching competition (2015).

Highly Commended in the 2013 Poetry d'Amour Love Poetry Competition for "Hinge" (2013).

A full CV is available on request or you can visit Linkedin for a full work history.




Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love poems on Valentine’s Day

One of the difficult aspects of love to represent – in film, paint, dance, words or any other medium – is sexual experience, but “Hinge” by Karen Murphy does so in a mature way, working with detailed sexual movement and a grasping use of line breaks. The poem captures both female and male movement until the point of orgasm. The Key to success in such a poem lies in the detail and in getting the tone right; here there is no sensationalising or moralising, but the depiction of a human experience that seems simultaneously gentle and violent and entirely natural.


Social Media Gun for WA Poets Inc

Her work was raw, honest and deeply emotional, a three part insight into the creation of Lowry’s upcoming interactive digital poetry game.


Founder of Numbat Poetry Journal

Karen is a consistent student of poetry; her work shows shows a clear insight to the workings of the written word. Karen writes with energy and is not afraid of critic. She is always open to new approaches in the use of the English language. I believe she would be a benefit to other poets and/or students of the written word. I would recommend her any day, in any adventure.